Google Cloud Printing via Synology DSM

Google Cloud Printing via Synology DSM

Today I found that my old Hewlett Packard JetDirect 300x print server had finally packed in – probably due to the heat, it’s certainly hot enough for things to break at the moment including me!

Anyway, I already own server other devices which could be a print server but hadn’t got round to retiring the JetDirect because it was still working fine. ¬†However, recently I discovered Google Cloud Printing which is an answer for printing from mobile devices or printing when you’re away from home etc. ¬†To use Google Cloud Printing with the JetDirect I’d have to leave a Windows PC (or equivalent) on all the time and I already consume more than my fair share of energy at home (with Raspberry Pis for home automation and a couple of servers and switches on 24/7) so it made sense to set it up to print via my Synology.

The process seemed slightly unusual:

  • First plug the printer into a USB port on the rear of the Synology
  • On the Synology, go to Control Panel > External Devices > Printer
  • Press Add Network Printer then go to Printer Manager > Set Up Printer
  • Select Network Printer (unless it’s a Multi Function Device – in quick case select Network MFP)
  • Select AirPrint (for printing from Apple Devices)
  • Select Google Cloud Print and log into your Google account,_Windows_Computer

Then you need to install the driver via Synology Assistant running on a computer (in my case I used a Windows PC)

  • Go to the Printer Device tab
  • Once again press Add
  • Choose your printer which should be shown along with the IP address of your Synology
  • Press next and point the application at a .inf file for your printer driver

When I tried to print from my OS X (10.9) Macbook Pro I struggled at first but what I was missing was the Queue Name for the printer queue:

  • Select LDP/LPR for the printer type
  • Enter the Printer’s IP Address
  • Enter usbprinter for the Queue Name
  • Select Driver Software
  • Select Add to finish