About Me

I’m Martyn Andrew, a System Specialist Engineer working in the BBC’s new Northern HQ at MediaCity UK in Salford.

Opinions expressed in my blog and elsewhere on this site are entirely personal and do not represent the views of my employer.

My interests include music (drumming, singing, piano playing, listening), photography, technical theatre, design, massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), computing and walking.

About This Site

I created my first website back in 1997; it was coded by hand in html and it included pages about my interests, my friends, some photos, an online version of my CV etc.  However, I didn’t update it often and sometime around the year 2000 I replaced it with a photo gallery.  That gallery also quickly because outdated and due to changes with my ISP stopped working some years later…

So, for 2010 I decided to create something new.  I’m using WordPress to try to make it easy and quick to update and I’m going to try hard to keep it reasonably current.